20th Century-Contemporary Notables

20the Century-contemporary Music Notables


Contemporary Music Notables


Zakariya Ahmad Seyyid Darwich Mohammad Abdilwahhab Um Kalthoum Fareed al Atrach Asmahan Feirouz
The 20th century has witnessed a tremendous number of artists, composers and singers that have shaped the traditional and classical Arabic Music as we know it today.  We are delighted that we were able to get detailed biographies of the artists shown above:  Zakariyya Ahmad Seyyid Darwich,   Mohammad Abdilwahhab, Um Kalthoum Fareed Alatrach and Ismahan.  However,  There are a considerable number of artists and poets that have contributed just as much to the richness and depth of Traditional Arabic Music.  Personalities such as: 
Abdo Alhamouli, Mohammad Othman, Abu Khaleel Al Qabbani, Munira Al mahdiyya, Mohammad Al Qasabji,  Mohammad Al Mouji, Mohammad Sultan, Kamal Altaweel, the poet Ahmad Shawqi, the poet Ahmad Rami, Abdilhaleem Hafiz, Leila Mrad, Souad Mohammad, Huda Sultan, Faiza Ahmad all of Egypt.
   Warda Aljazairiya, Aziza Jalal, Abdilwahhab Aldukali, the late Ahmad Al Baidhawi, Abdilhadi Balkhayyat of Morocco. Dr. Salih Almahdi, Lutfi Bushnaq, Sonya Mbarak, the late Tunisian Khumeis Tirnan, Ali Riahi, Hedi Jouini, Ulyya, Saleeha and Raul Jurnu of Tunis.  Feirouz, the Rahbani Brothers, Wadii Alsafi, Nasri Shams Eldeen, Ziad Rahbani, sabah, Najah salam and others of Lebanon.  Omar Albutsh, Sabri Al Mudallal, Mohammad Kheiri, Omar Naqshbandi, Mohammad Abdilkareem, Najeeb Alsarraj and Sabah Fakhri, all, of Syria.  Mohammad Abdo, Abbadi Aljawhar,  Awadh Aldoukhi, Gharreed Alshati of the Khaleej Area and Abu Bakr Salim of Yemen. Mohammad Al Qabbanji, Yousif Omar, Nazim Alghazali, Muneer and Jameel Basheer of Iraq.It will be a long list to include every personality that has contributed to Traditional Arabic Music, however, the artists mentioned above are all well liked and quite popular throughout the Arab World.




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