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Course Contents

The Actual Course contains all the Audio/Visual/Video examples.



*   Home Page

*   an Overview of Classical Arabic Music

*    an Introduction to Comparative Arabic Music

*   Arabic Maqam Overview

*   Diatonic Scales Compatible Maqamat

·           Major Scale Compatible Maqamat

                Minor Scale Compatible Maqamat

·          the Kurdi Maqam and its Varieties

·          Maqam Hijaz Kar and Shadd Arban

*  Maqamat that have ¾ Sound Step in their Scales

·           Maqam Rast and its derivatives (varieties) *

                Maqam Bayati and its derivatives (varieties)

·           Maqam Hijaz and Variety

·          Maqam Sikah and Variety

·          Andalusian Maqamat

*   Maqamat with a Pentatonic Scales

*   Mixed Maqamat (Eastern and African Scales)

*    Musical Forms

·           Musical Improvisation

·          Musical Composition


¨     Waslah, Fasil, Bashraf

¨      Muwashahat

¨      Samaii,




·               Modern Musical Forms

                         A Tribute to some Historical Personalities

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